Scotland is a beautiful and fascinating place filled with castles, historic ruins and relics from the past. Wherever you visit you are never far from a Museum or gallery where some of the best artefacts are on display, together with a vast amount of information about the area. Whatever you are interested in there is sure to be somewhere perfect for you to explore, including the Museum of Transport in Glasgow, the Scottish Fisheries Museum in Fife or the Costume Museum in Dumfries and Galloway. With many more covering Maritime, Religious, School and Rural Life, the History of Flight and several art galleries there is more than enough to see however many times you visit. The city of Glasgow houses the famous Burrell Collection, in Pollok Country Park. This unique collection of art and fascinating objects from all over the world was donated in 1944 by Sir William Burrell as a gift to the city. Many of the museums have special displays on show throughout the year and offer hands on experiences for all ages.

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National Mining Museum Scotland

Edinburgh, Central Scotland

The Scottish mining industry has gone through drastic changes, with many pits closing down and technology changing the way mining is undertaken. So come along and marvel at the days gone by,...

Bo'ness Motor Museum

Falkirk, Southern Scotland

Do not let the fact that this is a Motor Museum put off some of the ladies amongst us and the reason for that is that we all had a childhood and can remember growing up with the Bond Films, Dr Who...

John Paul Jones Museum

Dumfries, Southern Scotland

You could be forgiven when hearing the name John Paul Jones, you think of the bassist from Led Zeppelin, but this John Paul Jones caused a lot more mischief than any rock band musician ever could.

Highland Aviation Museum

Inverness, Highlands

Next to Inverness Airport is the Highland Aviation Museum which has recently extended not only its opening hours, [please check with the Museum] but they have also introduced catering facilities as...

The Titanic Museum

Inverness, Highlands

Now we all know that the Titanic sank many moons ago on her maiden voyage, so how is it possible that you can actually go aboard the Titanic, to the Parisian café if you don't mind?  Well...

The Tomb of the Eagles


In the 1950's a man by the name of Ronnie Simison made a very interesting discovery in a Chamber Cairn high above the South Ronaldsay Cliffs. He found bones and artefacts going back 5000 years and...

The Devils Porridge

Annan, Southern Scotland

Well the name alone will surely intrigue you? During the First World War there was a shortage of shells, so in 1916 work began to build a new factory, which is named as H M Factory Gretna. Gretna and...

Tain Museum


The Tain and District Museum is in Invernesshire in Scotland and is run by a very passionate band of trustees and volunteers and has Charity status. It came into being in 1996 and contains many...

Scottish Maritime Museum

Dumbarton, Southern Scotland

Scotland used to be known for its shipbuilding worldwide, Billy Connelly stated off his working life in the Glasgow Docks but sadly like a lot of industries, ship building in Scotland is in decline...

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 results