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Scotland Food and Drink Guide

The fact that Scotland is renowned for a climate that is more wet than dry is actually not a bad thing as it helps the farmers and the growers to produce some excellent food and of course the world famous drink of Whiskey.

Scotland is famous for many foods like porridge which is a traditional breakfast food made from oats grown in the Scottish Farmlands which are rolled as to crushed.  In Scotland most people make it with salt and water, some make it with milk and others add sugar, but it is a very healthy way to start the day.

Haggis and Black pudding are two other products made in Scotland that are usually served at breakfast time along with bacon and eggs, it is what is known in England as a full English without the Haggis but this is the real thing.  Haggis is made with a sheep's heart, lungs and liver, onion and various spices and oatmeal and all this is mixed together and is held together in a sausage skin. Scotland's very own Rabbis Burns dedicated a poem to the Haggis called 'An Ode to a Haggis'.

Black pudding is made from various animal blood which is then cooked with a filler until a thick consistency is reached, not for everyone but a whole nation cannot be wrong.

To continue on the breakfast theme, Scottish pigs, or to be more specific, Ayrshire pigs produce some of the best bacon around.  It is all down to the way the bacon is cured and then held in brine and then matured.  Square sausage or Lorne sausage is something special and personal.  First of all it is square in shape and each an every butcher makes their own sausage to their own recipe, usually with a slight spice in the taste.  Breakfast really is a special dish of the day in this part of the world.

Game is also high on the food agenda as there are many lovely a grassy field for these birds to roam amongst.  Grouse has a strong taste whereas Pheasant is similar to chicken and Grouse can be quite an expensive dish but it is worth treating yourself to this if you have never had it before.

Aberdeen is not just known for its oil industry, it is home to some of the finest beef cattle in the world and their steaks and burgers are sold in as far flung away as America. There is even an Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society which was formed way back in 1897.  There is also a society for the Highland Cattle which are instantly recognisable with their long red hair, the popularity of this bread is also world- wide as the meat is tasty and tender.

Lamb, Scottish Lamb is another tasty and very tender meat to enjoy and it is down to on the land on which they pasture that makes their meat taste the way it does. Many sheep throughout the UK do not have the pleasure to graze on such green and pleasant land and are intensively bred; it really does make a difference but as a general rule of thumb, choose a lean cut.

When it comes to vegetables Scotland has actually been ahead of the game for years when it comes to veg like Seaweed and Kale as the Scots have used this as " a green" for many a time and seaweed goes back to 4000BC, when it would be taken from the seashore. 

To refer again to the great Robert Burns, you will have heard that on Burns Night the meal should be Tatties and Neeps.  Neeps is another name for Turnip and Tatties are potatoes, a tasty and substantial dish.  Again Scotland has its climate to thank for the bountiful supply of vegetables it can produce and Berries are another.  Various part of the countryside produces some wonderful strawberries and raspberries. Honey is another seasonal delight that comes from the Scottish Bees, three times a year, they have a rest in the winter.  Certain honey allows you the taste of the flower the bee has been taking its pollen from.

So with all this fine food it will come as no surprise that fine dining is easy, the restaurants are so fortunate to have all this wonderful food at their finger tips, you should never receive a bad meal in this country.  Restaurants abound up and down the country and some are in the most stunning of settings, many hotel's have taken over old castles and converted them into accommodation and restaurants that offer the highest cuisine.

To finish off any meal, a glass of Scottish Malt whiskey has to be the answer, there are many breweries and distilleries in this part of the world, so you can enjoy a tasting session and then buy a bottle of your choice to take back home to your friends.

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