2nd August 2013

Cromarty burgh rediscovered - thanks to mother nature

Archaeologists have been getting excited recently by the historic finds which were unearthed by severe storms which ravaged towns along the coasts of the Scottish Highlands last winter. Cromarty was one area worst hit by the weather, but the clouds certainly had a silver lining as numerous pieces of pottery and artefacts have come to the surface after the coastline was eroded.

Important information and clues to the lives and times of Cromarty's ancestors are being collated and catalogued in order to provide an insight into everyday life, dating back to the thirteenth century. The finds include the remains of animal bones and fragments of pottery which were used by the inhabitants of the Royal burgh hundreds of years ago.

Although steeped in mythology and hearsay the burgh is known to have had a castle and was an important place for trading by the local people.  It is widely believed that there was part of the town which was washed away by the raging seas, and the emerging evidence is proving it more likely as digs are continuing to produce more and more items of interest.