10th March 2016

Giant Scots Rabbit Finds Happy New Home

It's not as if rabbits are uncommon but big rabbits certainly make the headlines, they even become movie stars, remember the Jimmy Stuart black and white movie classic, Harvey the ten-foot rabbit!

Well Atlas is no different, he has made it into one of the national papers as it came to be that Atlas needed a new home with people who would love him. Atlas was under the care of the Scottish SPCA and they launched an appeal on Atlas's behalf. Being the size of a Yorkshire Terrier, you need a bit more than a little run in the back garden! That proved to be of little consequence to many many people as the SPCA were inundated with people wishing to give Atlas his new home and Katie Price was one of these many people. See, these rabbits are a must have in all walks of life.

However, celebrity or not, it was not to be that Katie got Atlas, he went to a family in Ayrshire, Mum and daughter and Atlas will be in good company as Mum Jen already has had two giant rabbits and is at present "Mum" to Coconut which is a large Rex cross rabbit.

Atlas has certainly landed on his rabbit feet this time, he has his own bean bag to crash on which according to his new owners is the only time he is quiet, otherwise it sounds like Wacky races, he is on the move constantly. He can also accompany the family on their ventures outdoors as he has his own stroller to be wheeled about in and they say it's a dog's life?

He has undergone one massive transformation and that's his name, from Atlas to Atilla the Bun Binky Master Jazz Paws, thankfully he will be just known as Atty for short. Paws for thought though!!!