8th August 2015

Kilmartin Museum One Step Closer to its Goal

Thanks to the Heritage Lottery Fund Kilmartin Museum is closer to getting its multi million pound facelift. The Museum in Argyle in Scotland is home to some of the oldest pieces of history, artefacts dating back as far as 3500BC.  The Heritage Lottery Fund has approved the Museums proposal for a 3.1 million grant, step one achieved.  The Museum was also awarded anther £400,000 to carry out other projects.

The Museum itself sits in a prehistoric landscape which is not surprising as within a ten mile radius of the Museum are many known historic and prehistoric monuments, see the world's largest prehistoric cup.  The Museum itself was opened in 1997 and is home to almost all the finds in Argyll but it needs to expand, redevelop and in turn this will facilitate an increase in the number of visitors.  At present it is an 18th century manse and farm buildings that house the collection.

Plans include a new exhibits gallery and floor space will also be handed over to local artists to display their work to the public.  The community of Argyle see this money as money well spent as tourism is part of their industry, they need attractions for people to come to ad this is certainly one for those who have a love of evolution.  Where else can you view an artefact and also see the burial ground from which it came.  This Museum allows you make connections. From two thousand year old swords to three thousand year old bowls that had actually served a purpose in their day and have survived to this day.

The Museum is also in discussion with the National Galleries of Scotland as they wish to bring more International pieces of Art to Argyle.