30th August 2014

Rise in tourist numbers for Dumfries and Galloway

As Scotland prepares for the national referendum to decide whether it stays within the UK or leaves it to become a separate country there has been good news regarding the number of visitors to Dumfries and Galloway in the south west of the country. The chief of the tourism company Destination Dumfries and Galloway - Gordon Mann stated that tourist numbers showed a much better increase than in previous years.

Tourism brings around £287 million into the local economy and there are around 7,000 jobs which rely on the tourist industry. Some businesses and accommodation providers had seen increases of between 15 and 20 percent compared to the last few years' figures.

Mr Mann explained that the increase was in contrast to the low numbers of tourists and amount of spending going back to 2008 when the banking crisis and financial cuts had seen people cutting back on day trips and holidays to the region. This year's figures are the first to show a significant increase which shows that the economy as a whole is beginning to improve. This is the first step to getting back to the number of visitors who came to enjoy the delightful countryside and other attractions before the financial crash. People are also taking more holidays at home rather than abroad, and this has also contributed to the increase in visitor numbers and spending.

Mr Mann also stated that more and more visitors were increasingly looking to find good value and that is what both attractions and accommodation providers and attractions are striving to offer.

Dunfries and Galloway offers lovely countryside, enchanting coastline, wonderful castles, top restaurants, great value accommodation and many attractions for the visitor to come and enjoy.