22nd October 2014

Scottish Referendum No Vote Causes Leap in Scottish Tourism.

Following the referendum on the question of Scottish independence being in favour of a ‘no' vote there has been a marked increase in the number of bookings for visitors to Scotland.

The United States leads the way with an increase of almost 5% in the number of holiday makers intending to visit Scotland for their next vacation. Many tourists from the United States appear to have waited until the result was announced before making their holiday bookings. The coverage of the referendum around the world may have brought Scotland as a holiday destination to the forefront of people's minds, and once it was clear that things are not going to change dramatically then the amount of bookings has risen sharply.

Closer to home there have been increases in the numbers of tourists booking holidays from England (up by 4%), and Ireland (up by 2.5%). Prior to the poll taking place Scottish tourism chiefs had noticed a great many cancellations from English tourists, mainly due to the uncertainty on many issues which would have arisen if the ‘Yes' campaign had won the referendum. These were mainly about the question of which currency would be used and what border controls, if any, would be put in place. There was also the uncertainty regarding Air Passenger Duty being introduced and adding an extra charge on visitors coming to Scotland by plane. Those issues do not need to be dealt with now and tourists are now more relaxed about taking a break north of the border.

Across Europe, the decision by the Scots to remain as part of the United Kingdom has resulted in a rise in bookings from both France (up by 3.3%) and Spain (showing a rise of 2%). Bookings from Holland, Germany and Belgium have remained at the usual level for the current time of year.