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Useful Scotland Links

Below is a collection of links to information that we think you will find useful when planning your visit to Scotland. There are some specifically about Scotland and what this wonderful country has to offer. A few are included as we think they may also be of interest to visitors to Scotland, and finally some are included as they are just universally great sources of information. So please browse the links below, plan your trip, and come along to wonderful Scotland very soon.

Scotland Information:

Britain Express - an extensive UK travel guide

Loch Ness Information Site - Loch Ness Information Website. Devoted to the Understanding of the Loch Ness Monster Mystery.

Scotland Artists - review images from artists living and working in Scotland

Cycling In Perthshire - information about cycling in Perthshire

Cycle Routes Scotland - a selection of cycling routes around Scotland

BBC News - latest Scottish news from the BBC

STV - Scottish TV at its best

Visit Scotland - Scotland's National Tourism Organisation

www.scotland.org - the official gateway to Scotland

Historic Scotland - a wealth of historic information about Scotland

Scottish Government - the devolved government of Scotland


Other Useful Information:

www.lakedistrictlodges.com - lodges in and around the Lake District

Travelling to Scotland - information about various ways to travel to Scotland

Northumberland - information about nearby Northumberland

Cumbria - information about nearby Cumbria

Iceland - the official gateway to Iceland