Clyde Windsurfing Club
Glasgow, Southern Scotland

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Come along to Clyde Windsurfing Club and enjoy windsurfing at its finest, with expert tuition from friendly staff, in a fantastic setting amidst spectacular scenery. All age groups and visitors are catered for.

Windsurfing is probably more associated with places like Florida, Miami beach or Cornwall, but did you know you can take part of this exhilarating sport right here in Bonnie Scotland. Castle Semple Loch is the precise location which is very close to Lochwinnoch with its spectacular scenery.

If this is something you have always fancied doing, here is your chance.  The Royal Yachting Association runs courses for beginners and your fee will include use of wetsuit and equipment and of course you are properly supervised and expert tuition is given. As with any sport there is a "technique" to windsurfing, in fact there is more than one and these will be taught to you here at Clyde Windsurfing Club.

The Clyde Barracudas is for eight to fifteen year olds, the younger the better and what kid does not enjoy playing in the water.  This club is more than happy to train up the next Olympic Champion, so if your son or daughter shows potential, they are in the right place.

If you are a member of this club, many events are on offer to you, the Thursday Night Club is like a social night out but on the water, it gives you the chance to meet other like - minded souls, learn new tips, have some coaching if you require it. The one thing that you are guaranteed to have is fun.

It's time to get out onto the water so contact Clyde Windsurfing Club for a great way to spend your leisure time.


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Clyde Windsurfing Club
PA12 4BH
01505 842882

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