Highland Aviation Museum
Inverness, Highlands

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Next to Inverness Airport is the Highland Aviation Museum which has recently extended not only its opening hours, [please check with the Museum] but they have also introduced catering facilities as all this flying is 'food for thought'.

Well maybe you won't exactly be flying anywhere but you will have sat inside some of the aircraft cockpits and maybe donned a fighter pilots helmet, spiffing fun old chap, you may see a plane being stripped down and being restored and this will be under the watchful eye of a RAF personnel member.

The Hawker Siddeley Buccaneer, Hawker Hunter F1, Vickers Valiant are just a few of the magnificent machines you could be sat inside. You can even be strapped into an Ejector seat but don't worry they won't eject you out of it. Inside the museum is such a wealth of information and some more planes, uniforms etc. and Inverness Airport itself has history as it was home to RAF Dalcross during the Second World War.

The Museum was opened in 2005 and is mainly staffed by volunteers and they are always looking for more able bodies to assist, the only qualification you require is to have a love of aviation.

The Museum welcomes visits from school groups and any other parties that have an interest in the world of flying, it truly is a great place to spend some time learning about the old and the new technology, just don't be in a rush, this is a fun packed Museum, so enjoy every bit of it.


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Highland Aviation Museum
9 Dalcross Industrial Estate
01667 461 100

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