John Paul Jones Museum
Dumfries, Southern Scotland

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You could be forgiven when hearing the name John Paul Jones, you think of the bassist from Led Zeppelin, but this John Paul Jones caused a lot more mischief than any rock band musician ever could.

Born in the south west of Scotland way back in 1747 and from a child he had a love of ships and would often be found at the small port of Carsethorn chatting happily with the sailors and exploring the big ships. At the young age of 13 he joined up for a seven year seaman's apprenticeship and by the age of 21 he was made a captain.

His story is one of great interest as many countries around the world consider this man, "theirs" because of what he believed in. He quit the slavery trade when he was a young man as he understood this to be a disgusting thing to do. Americans regard him as the "Father of the American Navy", in Holland the school children to this day sing a song entitled "Here come John Paul Jones", here in the UK he was in the past referred to as a pirate. Come and find out why?

John Paul Jones Cottage where he was born was converted to a Museum dedicated to the man himself by the late Admiral Jerauld Wright and is in the area known as Dalbeattie.

You will need to have plenty of time to spend here, as the Museum itself has its own history, plus the life of John Paul Jones is fascinating.


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John Paul Jones Museum
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