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Dunbar, Southern Scotland

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North Berwick is home to a very unusual way to play golf, well it's not actually golf as we know it but it is based on the game to a certain degree. This game involves a Frisbee or a flying disc as they are sometimes referred to, so no golf balls or clubs. You have "holes" to aim for which in this game are metal baskets, you throw the disc as far as you can and see how many throws it takes you to get it in the hole.

Sound easy, not quite, your skills will be challenged on the two courses, Red or Blue Course, one is family friendly and the other is just not so friendly, you will have obstacles like trees, narrow fairways, water to overcome but this is actually a really fun way to spend the day and at an absolute fraction of what it would cost for a game of golf.

If you are a local school why not enter your class as a team, it is an excellent way to teach children about working together and get them out in the fresh air. There is of course like any other sport a technique on how to play, you will be shown the throws that will help your game, you will also have a scorecard like you do with golf.

This is really a very unusual game and it is to be hoped that its popularity spreads across the UK, it is so much fun.


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ReBoot Disc Golf
15/1 Market Place
EH39 4JF
07572 127020

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