Scottish Maritime Museum
Dumbarton, Southern Scotland

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Scotland used to be known for its shipbuilding worldwide, Billy Connelly stated off his working life in the Glasgow Docks but sadly like a lot of industries, ship building in Scotland is in decline but to make sure you are still able to learn about the industry and understand it, two Museums dedicated to the Maritime world can be found in Irvine and Dumbarton.

There is a variety of historic ships, artefacts, tools and even some personal items to be viewed and the building in which they are housed is a piece of history in itself.  The Linthouse Building in Irvine is a Grade A listed 19th century building and at the museum in Dumbarton, the Denny Tank has the world’s first commercial model experiment tank.

The museum encourage schools to become involved and make learning interesting and accessible and more to the point fun. Many exhibitions are held throughout the year providing information on such things as how the Lighthouse came into being, shipbuilding started back in the 1800’s and for the Denny family who built many ships, this continued until 1963 when sadly the shipyard finished plying its trade. As these exhibitions are open all year round, you have no excuse to be bored, come and take a step back in time and see how things used to be on the high seas.  The Museum also play host to other such events as musical festivals so do come aboard and broaden your own horizons at the Scottish maritime Museuems.


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Scottish Maritime Museum
Castle St
G82 1QS
01294 278283

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