The Devils Porridge
Annan, Southern Scotland

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Well the name alone will surely intrigue you? During the First World War there was a shortage of shells, so in 1916 work began to build a new factory, which is named as H M Factory Gretna. Gretna and Eastrigg's were created to house the workers of the new ammunitions factory.

Cordite replaced gun powder and many forms of cordite were invented Nitrocotton being one of them and the way in which it was processed gave rise to Arthur Conan Doyle naming it the Devils Porridge.

This really is a wonderful place to come and visit, it is seeing a side to the First World War that you may not have been aware of, you can trace the history of this Cordite factory and how it is interlinked with such things as the first women's police force. The women that worked in this factory worked in shocking conditions breathing in Nitric Acids and the burns that are caused when they were splashed.

Throughout the year special events are held which you are more than welcome to participate in and just to let you know that from August 2014 they will have moved to Stanfield, until then they are at Daleside.

Visit the shop and buy yourself a decorative tea towel to remember your trip, buy a friend a DVD that contains the tour that you have just been on. Information, education and enjoyment all in one go, what more can you ask for.


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The Devils Porridge
Eastriggs and Gretna Heritage
Butterdales Road
DG12 6TQ
01461 700021

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