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Edinburgh, Central Scotland

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Edinburgh is known world-wide as the capital of Scotland, but it is also known for its contribution in the arts world with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and of course at New Year, Edinburgh is the place to be.

Edinburgh is a place to visit all year round and another place to visit all year round is the Scottish Gallery which is on Dundas Street in Edinburgh.  Many types of exhibitions are on display at the same time, you can see jewellery exhibitions, watercolours, basket weaving and the exhibitions change regularly so don't be a stranger, there is always something of interest for you to come and view.

Have a look at the ceramics by the many different artists, many very attractive pieces, the silver and metal works, again much to catch the eye and some of the prices may catch your eye as well and not always in a "how much" way but remember each piece is an original and if you do invest in a piece of art, it is always an investment and will be much admired and talked about by your friends. The glass ware is just wonderful, so many colours and styles that go outside the box.

The Scottish Gallery also offers valuation services for your own pieces of art, they can help with informing you how to look after and preserve your art work, framing and assistance on buying or selling at auctions, a complete service.

So if you are in Edinburgh be sure to call at the Scottish Gallery.


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The Scottish Gallery
16 Dundas Street
(+ 44) 0131 558 1200

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