The Titanic Museum
Inverness, Highlands

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Now we all know that the Titanic sank many moons ago on her maiden voyage, so how is it possible that you can actually go aboard the Titanic, to the Parisian café if you don't mind?  Well due to a fabulous recreation in the Titanic Museum you can experience the magnificence of this historic vessel for yourself.

You can be Captain when you enter the Bridge, go and see the Macaroni Wireless Room, imagine the messages that fateful night, send you own SOS message. You can view the main areas of the ship as she was at that time, how glamorous it all was.

There are many other boats to welcome you aboard; ever fancied being a fisherman, the Guilding Star is a West Star Creel fishing boat and its history is that it was the last boat built at the Thornbush slipway.

Explore the Wheel House of the Achieve which has all things nautical for you to peruse.  This is an expanding Museum and as some of the boats are outside, bring your brolly in case it rains.  The Museum is open all year round except the Xmas and New Year holidays, its free to get in so please give a generous donation to the RNLI, you never know when you may need them.

This is a great place to bring the kids, their imagination is allowed to run riot whilst they are learning history and having fun at the same time.

Clachnaharry Road, Inverness is where you will find this amazing museum, do visit and enjoy your day - you will not be disappointed!


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The Titanic Museum
16 Clachnaharry Road
01463 716839

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