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Inverness, Highlands

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Ticket To Ride offers bike hire for superb Scottish cycling holidays. Cycling offers so many things, the freedom of the road and the freedom to pull in off that road to enjoy the wonderful scenery you have just encountered as you turned the corner.

The whole family can partake in the holiday, a tag along for the smallest member of the family can be supplied and of course you are doing your body a big big favour with all the exercising whilst breathing in the freshest of air Scotland has to offer.

Inverness in the Scottish Highlands is just one of the most spectacular places on this earth and cycling through the wonderful scenery is the only way to see it, so come and speak with Bike Hire in Bellfield Park, the business itself is located in fabulous surroundings.

Ticket To Ride will offer you a variety of bikes to suit you and the bikes are renewed yearly and also maintained every time they come back from hire.  You can choose from a tandem to a mountain bike, bikes for the six to eight year olds and bikes for the eight to 12 year olds, junior can have his own child seat on the back of mums.

Ticket To Ride will offer you advice on which route to take and how to avoid busy traffic, Loch Ness is a popular one, try the Highland Tour which is a six day trip all arranged for you by Bike Hire.

This holiday will be one of the most invigorating holidays you have ever had.


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Ticket To Ride - Bike Hire
The Pavilion
Bellfield Park
01463 419160

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