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In the 1950's a man by the name of Ronnie Simison made a very interesting discovery in a Chamber Cairn high above the South Ronaldsay Cliffs. He found bones and artefacts going back 5000 years and the place he found them in is now known as The Tomb of the Eagles.

Don't worry you are not expected to climb the cliffs to see these amazing remains although you can enter the Tomb, no they are all on display at the Visitor Centre where you can actually get up close and personal with these artefacts, you can touch them, that is really unusual and quite a thrill. 

The Tomb of the Eagles is a mile from the Visitors Centre, with the Bronze Age Site being just half a mile, and during the summer season, daily talks are given which along with the items on display give you a real insight to the lives of the Bronze Age and Stone Age People.  It is about a mile from the Visitor Centre to the Bronze Age Site and the walk is an absolute delight. The cliff top becomes alive in the summer with wild life and fauna, it's wonderful.

To visit the actual tomb, the entrance is small so you can either crawl along the 3metres or use the trolley; the tunnel is light so you will be fine.  The Visitors Centre is designed to accommodate the less able bodied and adventurous amongst us.

Finish your trip with a visit to the gift shop for a coffee and a memento of a very interesting and enjoyable day out.


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The Tomb of the Eagles
St. Margaret’s Hope Orkney
KW17 2RW
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