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In the East Lothian's of Scotland you will find a fun packed place where the whole family can enjoy adventure in the safe hands of the staff at Venturing Out.

Ever fancied a go at Kayaking, its great fun and don't worry you will not find yourself on the white waters without a paddle, everything is down to what experience you have and if you have none, then you will be taught. If the water is not your thing, what about Mountain biking and Trail cycling. The Pentland Hills in Edinburgh are where you will find yourself and the magic of the scenery will just entrance you and for Trail Cycling all you need to do is to be able to ride a bike, how easy is that? You are welcome to use your own bike; however it must pass the safety test applied by Venturing Out.

Be Bear Grills for the day, learn how to make a fire, how to survive if you ever found yourself on a desert island, learn to make your own bow and arrow to catch your supper, it is all about getting back to nature, learn what is actually going on around you instead of having your head stuck in your smart phone on Face book. The Bush craft activity has proved popular for groups of people, makes a change from having your 40th in the pub, have it outdoors, properly outdoors.

Make sure the next time you venture out anywhere; it is to Venture Out with all the family for a great day and one to remember.




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Venturing Out
4/5 Myles Farm Cottages
East Lothian
EH33 2LE

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