Woodside Equestrian Centre
Prestwick, Southern Scotland

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A superb Pony Club riding centre offering lessons and riding out for both regulars and visitors to the area, The highly qualified staff are pleased to cater for all ages. Livery is also available.

Most little girls dream of having their own little pony but of course on many levels this is neither practical or possible. However it could be possible to have your own pony for half an hour an week, at least, if you come to Woodside Equestrian Centre, they would make it possible, make that dream come true.

The Centre is a recognised Pony Club and they hold lessons for children once a week after school where they will learn such skills as not only riding the pony and how to groom and care for it, they are taught stable management, road safety, so excellent tuition.

You don't have to be a child or a novice to come and experience the joy of riding a horse at Woodside, adults too are welcome to come and learn or brush up their knowledge, or maybe it's their own horse that needs brushing up, no problem bring it along to Woodside. The staff is highly qualified and have themselves competed to high standards with Scottish and UK teams.

You may also stable your horse here at Woodside Equestrian Centre where they will be safe and well cared for with up to date facilities for the animals, never mind the patrons. Prices depend on what level of care you require for your horse so make sure you contact them to discuss your requirements.

Schools are welcome to make a party up and of course the more pupils you may be offered a discount so again, contact Woodside Equestrian Centre and soon it will be Tally Ho!!


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Woodside Equestrian Centre
Woodside Farm
01292 670 432
07748 632 536

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