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6th September 2016

Success for the 2016 Edinburgh Book Festival.

The Edinburgh book festival closed after having one of its more successful years, with visitor numbers up by around almost 3%. Charlotte Square Gardens, Edinburgh saw 230,000 visitors in August, a rise of 5,000 giving rise to the busiest festivals ever.

The sale of books also showed a rise in numbers of around 3%, giving the highest sales figures in the event's 33 year history.

The site's book shop did exceptional business selling over 62,000 books in a mere 17 days. The event played host to in excess of 800 illustrators, writers, poets, philosophers and politicians from 55 countries.

The list of speakers on show was nothing short of phenomenal with the likes of Jackie May, the Scottish Makar who was conversing with First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon. In addition there were: American feminist Erica Jong, kid's author Judith Kerr and International novelist Alaa al Aswany.

The director of the Edinburgh Book Festival, Nick Barley expressed his joy at how well the event had done this year by saying "We have enjoyed a brilliant festival and astonishing joy and vitality expressed by the authors and the audiences alike." He went on to say how the audiences managed to engage with authors of all genres and enjoyed exclusive previews of some upcoming books by Alan Cumming, Mark Thompson, Jonathan Safran Foer and Ray Mears.