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Orkney Islands
Kirkwall, Highlands

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Whitemill Bay, Sanday
Hoy seen from the western coast of the Orkney mainland

You cannot really get much further north in the UK than the Orkney Islands, it is at the top of the map and in some respects, it is the top of the world. The Orkney Islands are a place of beauty, a place of history and a place of tranquility, a place to spend some real quality time.

There are seventy islands but only twenty of these islands are inhabited and it is believed that these islands have been inhabited for the last 8500 years so history abounds. The Norse made it their home until 1472, when it then came back under the Scottish Crown. You will therefore not be surprised that part of this area is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its Neolithic heritage.

Papa Westray is possibly one of the smallest islands but one of the richest when it comes to archaeology with the remains of a medieval church and St Boniface which is a restored Kirk. There are self- catering cottages available on Papa Westray, if you fancy spending some time in this part of the islands.

Mainland as the name suggests is the main island on the Orkneys and flights and ferry connections are taken from here to the other islands.  Being the mainland, the majority of the islanders live here, with Kirkwall being the capital offering all the trappings of a tourist economy, hotels, restaurants and bars, where you will be made to feel at home with a true Scottish welcome and food that only the Scot's can make.  Arts and Craft shops also abound, jewellery, silversmiths, tapestries and printmaking, visit the many arty type studios, you will be inspired by the creativity of the locals, and they in turn are inspired by the wonder and magic of their surroundings.

Farming is a big family employer on the islands and this is great for the local...


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