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Outer Hebrides
Stornoway, Highlands

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Isle of Harris
 Outer Hebrides viewed from the Isle of Skye

The Western Isles is another name for the Outer Hebrides and until 1266, they were under Norse rule and the Clan chiefs who ruled the roost were either a MacLeod, MacDonald, MacNeil or Mackenzie, so if you are interested in tracing your family history this would be an excellent location to start your trail.

There are sixty five islands in total but only fifteen of these islands are inhabited and the lively hood of the islanders comes from tourism, fishing, crofting and weaving. Many of the areas are protected conservation areas, so that alone says area of beauty. South Ulst has over 200 types of flowering plants and this is also a National Nature Reserve and when you visit you will understand why, views are wonderful and for the bird lovers amongst us, the Hebrides provide the habitat for many species of bird such as the Corncrake, Hen Carrier and the Golden eagle to name but a few.  Without these islands, these birds could become extinct, so their importance is immense.

Gaelic is the national language however English is generally spoken, so come and enjoy the islanders way of life, take part in a ceilidhs it will be fabulous fun and will help you understand what life is like away from the mainland and the nine to five slog.

Water sports are  plentiful, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, if you prefer something a bit more sedate, enjoy one of the beautiful walks, the Bonnie Prince Charlie trail for example will take you back to a time gone by and steeped in history or even hire a bicycle and take to the road and see as much as you can.

If you are on the Isle of Harris, take a boat day trip and see the views from a different angle, the Isle of Lewis offers Seatrek which is a boat trip taking in North Rona, St Kilda and the Flannans which are...


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