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The Shetland Islands
Lerwick, Highlands

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Hermaness, Shetland Island
St. ninians isle

Scotland is renowned the world over for stunning scenery, beautiful landscapes, history and culture whether it be one of the larger cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh or Dundee or the Highlands and Islands. It is the Islands that we will venture to here, the Shetland Islands in particular.

If you have never been you may be forgiven for thinking that there is nothing there, actually you could not be more wrong.  There are over one hundred  islands and everyone has something to offer and this article would be pages long if each island were to be talked about in depth so we shall discuss some but not all.

The history of the Shetland islands dates back to Roman times and from then Scandinavia influenced its way of life until the 15th century when it became a part of Great Britain, so already you will appreciate the richness and diversity of its cultures which still shine through today in their way of life.  A fire festival, Up Helly Ah for example is still held on the last day of January in Lerwick every year and is the biggest fire festival in the whole of Europe.

The largest island is known as the Mainland and many of the islands have protected areas where the wildlife, flowers and fauna are protected from those who do not appreciate the true beauty of all that surrounds them.  The islands are a wonderful place for bird watchers, fisherman, nature lovers and walkers alike. If you enjoy water sports, such as kayaking, beachcombing, surfing, scuba diving, it is all here for you to enjoy and partake in.

Every island is within easy travelling distance as they have their own internal ferry to transport you between the various islands, the rugged coastline is a beauty to behold if you are...


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